"Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost 1/11
"Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost 1/11

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Robert Frost


What You Will Do: Read and analyze the poem. Annotate the poem to identify imagery, rhyme scheme, alliteration, allusion, and personification. 



“Nothing Gold Can Stay” (40 Words: C)

Robert Frost


Nature's first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf's a flower;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf,

So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day

Nothing gold can stay. 


Poem Review

The rhyme scheme is AABBCCDD, so this is a simple poem if you are just introducing your students to end rhyme and showing them how to mark rhyme schemes.

Alliteration -- "Nature's first green is gold," "Her hardest hue to hold," and "So dawn goes down to day." Alliteration, like most sound devices, is used to draw the reader's attention to particular words or phrases that express the poem's rhetorical argument. Here, the first example shows that gold is even more prized a color in nature than green; the second emphasizes how fleeting a color gold is in nature -- the gold that comes with the sunrise, that is. The third example echoes that sentiment, showing how quickly sunrise simply becomes sunlight.

Allusion -- "So Eden sank to grief" -- This refers to the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve brought death into the world by giving in to the temptation of the serpent, in the Old Testament. You may be shocked at how few of your students know what this allusion is talking about. This allusion shows how fleeting the perfect and the ideal are in our world.

Personification -- referring to Nature as a female. This is a long-standing association with the idea of "Mother Nature" providing sustenance to our world.


"Nothing Gold Can Stay"

by Robert Frost

Scene from The Outsiders

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