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Special Education Transportation

The special education department provides special transportation for those students who require specialized transportation for a disability outlined in their individualized education plan (IEP).  The condition in which the student qualifies for is made on an individual basis at the Committee on Special Education meeting. Some of the qualifications that allow a student to receives specialized transportation on a small bus are disabilities that do not allow a student to safely be transported on a large bus due to various reasons determined by the committee. 

Your student however may be eligible for the large bus through general transportation outlined in the district policy.

If your student is eligible for special transportation and you have a concern or need guidance or information please contact the office of special education at 631-348-5125.

If you require assistance with a change in address or babysitter please fill out the official form and either bring it to the special education office or you can email it with your signature to  The new babysitter address can be changed only if the babysitter has a Central Islip address and is located within the district’s transportation borders.  If not, we cannot honor this request.  All change of address and babysitter changes for transportation are required to have your signature on it.  A change of babysitter can only be done 2x a school year, if necessary.  Any changes made to your child’s pick up or drop off locations require a 3-5 business day turn around before these changes can take effect no matter the reason.

If you have a change of address or babysitter change before the school year starts but after July 30th your request cannot be honored and will not begin until 2 weeks after the school year begins.

Please go to central registration to change your address before sending your request to special education.

Please ensure that you or someone you have designated is available after school for drop off.  If you are not home we cannot drop off your student.

If you require an alternate pick up /drop off address within the Central Islip School District you must inform special education transportation every year by July 30th for September.

Transportation Babysitter OfficIal Form