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Physical Education

District Physical Education Faculty

Reed Middle School

631-348-5000, Ext. 3018

Mulligan Elementary

631-348-5000, Ext. 4018

Morrow Elementary

631-348-5000, Ext. 5018

Cordello Elementary

631-348-5000, Ext. 5218

Mulvey Elementary

631-348-5000, Ext. 5318

O'Neill Elementary

631-348-5000, Ext. 5118

Alfano Elementary

631-348-5000, Ext. 5418

High School Physcial Education Make-Ups

The HS physical education department offers make ups for any student that has missed his/her physical education class with an excused absence.  Every student has the opportunity to make up these classes Monday through Friday prior to the start of school (6:40am - 7:10am), after school (2:00pm – 2:30pm) or by appointment.  Please have your child obtain a makeup pass from their physical education teacher. Students cannot make up classes without a pass from the physical education teacher. Contact your child's PE teacher (emails above) with any questions.

Pool make ups will be available before school, exclusively in the pool, during the last week of the five week unit.