eRate 2021

Answers to Vendor Specific Questions to the 2021 470 Posted.

1.          Will you be requesting a single or a dual cable run for each WAP?

Dual runs for each WAP. 


2.          Are we installing a biscuit box and a patch cord at the end of the cable on the WAP side or just a RJ45 for install right into the WAP?

Please specify your suggested solution.  


3.          What color cable do you prefer?

This will be specified by building and shouldn’t affect the quote or pricing.


4.          What category solution should we quote, category 5e or category 6? 

Category 5e or 6, Category 6 would be preferred if the cost is the same. 


5.          For an accurate quote- should we quote 30 or 40 cable runs in each building or 30 x 2 = 60 cable runs or 40 x 2 = 80 cable runs in each building. 

There will be a combination of single and dual runs as needed.  


6.          Do you require penetrations in the walls and do they require sleeves and cores between floors. If so how many?

There may be penetrations required, but most areas already have cabling paths – the quantity will depend on how you decide to run the cables.  


7.          Do you require patch panels, wire managers, racks? 

Existing cabinets and racks are to be used, patch panels and wire management should be proposed.  


8.          Do you need wire mold in the locations and if so how many feet?

Any exposed cabling should be enclosed in wire mold, the amount will depend on how you choose to run the cabling.


9.          Are you building out a new network, refreshing an existing network or expanding onto and existing network?

Expanding an existing network.


10.      Are you requesting AP’s & Licensing or just Licensing?

We are requested renewal of existing licensing for existing AP’s, and both AP’s and licensing for new AP’s.


11.      Indoor or Outdoor?

All connections are indoor.  


12.      How is this being mounted?

Mounting should be proposed.  


13.      How many devices connecting per AP?

We are looking to support a one-to-one initiative, with 30-40 devices per classroom.

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