Medical Classes

At the Central Islip Adult Education Program, we offer a number of classes to contribute to your medical education or to help you start your medical career. Central Islip Adult Education in cooperation with the Lighthouse Resource Center, Inc. is pleased to present the following National Certification Medical Career(s):

                                       EKG Technician- CET (Electrocardiography)
                                                 Phlebotomy Technician -  CPT
                                            Medical Insurance: Billing & Coding
                                   C.P.R. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training
                                                      Medical Assistant (CMA)
                                              Medical Administrative Assistant



EKG Technician - CET (Electrocardiography): Students learn to prepare the patient and machine for routine EKG testing, to administer an EKG, and to mount a finished tracing. Course units include Introduction to Electrocardiography, Electrocardiographic Procedures, Recognizing Reportable Abnormalities, and Overview of Related Tests and Procedures. Graduates may be employed at doctors' offices, clinics, or hospitals on a part- or full-time basis, or for those already employed in the field, as an expanded duty. This is a National Certification. 

Phlebotomy Technician - CPT: Students learn to perform a routine blood collection by both venipuncture and skin puncture and perform a collection by syringe; label, store and prepare a sample for transportation and centrifuge a sample as well as quality control and assurance procedures. Course units include Introduction to Phlebotomy, Routine Phlebotomy Procedures and Overview of Special Collection Procedures. Graduates may be employed at doctor's office, clinics or hospitals on a part- or full-time basis or for those already employed in the field, as an expanded duty. This is a National Certification. 

 Medical Insurance: Billing and Coding: Students learn guidelines for handling medical records. Students receive and introduction to medical insurance, coding, claims processing, billing, and payment procedures. Course units include Medical Insurance, Medical Coding, Insurance Billing Procedures, & Account Management. Graduates are qualified for employment as medical billers, coders, or insurance clerks in doctors' offices, clinics, hospitals, and other health care institutions.

C.P.R. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training: This course will train in the basic life support technique called CPR. When properly performed, a rescuer can adequately sustain the life of a CPR victim by breathing and circulating blood for the patient while awaiting the arrival of medically trained personnel. This course is recommended for everyone especially those in care of children and adults.  

Medical Assistant (CMA): This course trains students how to assists doctors in the office.

Medical Administrative Assistant: This course trains students to become receptionists or secretaries that manage the doctor's office or clinic health centers.

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