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Facility Use Rules

Rules and Regulations for Buildings, Facilities and Grounds Use:

  1. Students are always subject to the Policy 5300.30 Prohibited Student Conduct
  2. Public/Community Members are always subject to Policy 5300.70 Public Conduct on School Property. 
  3. The services of District Personnel are charged at an hourly rate set by the School District for weekend use of a building, supplemental cleaning, cafeteria sue, auditorium use, athletic field use, and whenever such charges, in the judgement of the Board of Education become necessary.   Organizations may be subject to these fees.  Organizations charging admission or fees will be subject to charges. 
  4. Where a large assemblage of people (over 100) is expected, school district security is required.  The cost for the Central Islip School District security will be the responsibility of the applicant. Such charges are billed hourly at a rate set by the School District.
  5. Any additional expenses that may accrue as a result of the use of the facility must be assumed by the organization.  Bills will be rendered by the School District and are payable to the School District Treasurer.  Failure to remit payment wil result in the denial of further or future use of school facilities, subject to review by the Board of Education. 
  6. Use of the High School Auditorium requires additional fees for staffing to be set by the school district. 
  7. Varsity Athletic Fields are not available for use by any outside organizations or groups under any circumstances. 
  8. Commercial leagues or teams (for profit) are prohibited from fields and grounds use. 
  9. Smoking is prohibited in all school buildings and on all school grounds
  10. A certificate of Insurance naming the District as an additional insured is REQUIRED of every organization requesting building or grounds use.
  11. Responsibility for the preservation of order and safety must be assured by the applicant.  The rules and regulations of the Central Islip Board of Education for Maintenance for Public Order on School Property Apply. 
  12. All State, Town and Local regulations affecting use of public buildings must be complied with.
  13. People attending any function are restricted in the use of the building areas actually designated in the application, and must vacate the building when and if there is a fire alarm.
  14. The applicant assumes responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur to School District Facilities or Property. 
  15. Putting up decorations, or scenery, or moving equipment is prohibited unless permission is received in writing
  16. No Substances of any kind may be put upon the floors under any circumstances
  17. No one shall participate in athletic on the gym floor unless wearing gym shoes
  18. All social functions attended by monitor must be adequately chaperoned. 
  19. All District property must be left clean and orderly
  20. The Board of Education has the authority to regulate the dates and hours that a building may be used.  School activities, athletics and music events/concerts always take precedence in the use of a school building.  A building will not be available during periods of school recess. 
  21. The Board of Education also reserves the right to limit and/or completely exclude the use of any of its facilities at any time
  22. School Cafeteria are areas where children's lunches are served;  they may be used under the following conditions:
    1. Arrangements must be specifically made for the use of the Cafeteria when kitchen facilities are to be utilized
    2. A Kitchen Employee MUST be present if kitchen facilities are used.  An applicable charge will be applied.
    3. No District Owned food or supplies will be used
    4. Any damage of any nature to any equipment, or breakage of any kitchen utensil, must be paid for by the group involved.