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Branding & Logos

If you are a vendor or manufacturer working on apparel, merchandise, furniture, signs, banners, posters, uniforms, etc. please review our branding and style guide for official CMYK colors, fonts, sizing, and logo placement/use.  All logos below are available in EPS Vector Format for Professional Printers.

  • Official Purple CMYK: 95, 100, 20, 0 
  • Official Gold CMYK: 0, 30, 100, 0
  • Purple Tint (40%) CMYK: 38, 40, 8, 0
  • Official Logo Font: Adobe Factoria Black or Factoria Medium

All Official Logos are located below.  All logos listed here are the intellectual property of the Central Islip School District any may only be used as part of an official Central Islip School District program, purchase or initiative.  All other uses are strictly prohibited. 

There are 2 versions of the logo depending on the use and need.

  • GENERAL USE: For general, web, student and printed uses please use the PNG version.
  • PROFESSIONAL USE: For graphic artist professionals, apparel, merchandise, posters, and any professionally printed products (rugs, signs, furniture, displays, uniforms, etc.) please send the "Vector/EPS" version.