Concert Choir

    The Laurie Strauss Leukemia Foundation holds a gala fundraiser every year at Carnegie Hall in New York City to help raise money to help fight leukemia. All Central Islip Concert Choir students were invited guests at the 2006 gala. The Concert Choir was being honored by the Laurie Strauss Foundation for donating more than $7500 to charity in 2006 (Camp Adventure) to help fight cancer. Event director Evelyn Strauss said she that could not believe her ears when she heard how much. "That's extraordinary to think that these students cared enough to do that- all in a year when they were raising money to go to Europe? Extraordinary!!" The Concert Choir was singled out before a crowd of thousands and gave a bow for their extraordinary achievement.

Here are some pictures of that wonderful evening, including our excursion to the Hard Rock Restaurant. There are even a couple of pictures of Yankee Manager Joe Torre, who was also one of the honored guests.